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Riyadh FM | July 30, 2016

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Is a Loft Conversion in Your Future?

May 25, 2015 |

I was recently tlking with John Greene, who owns a lofts conversions Ealing company. John said if you are looking for comparatively affordable and quick ways to expand the living space of your home, a loft conversion may be just the ticket. However, the reality is that not all roof structure types will allow for the addition of a loft …

6 Great Tips For Selling A Family Home Fast

February 11, 2015 |

In September last year, we sold our house. After six years, two babies, and a heap of memories, it was hard. In fact, people say that the logistics of selling a property are the most difficult thing – the visits, the endless number crunching, and the paperwork which piles up like snow drifts. I don’t agree, because selling our house …

How to Spot Low Quality Beds

February 11, 2015 |

It is essential to invest in a bed that is going to last. It should be durable, beautiful and a good buy for your money. It is a known fact that a good buy does not mean cheap beds are out of the question, but it means value in years of problem free use. Anyone can tell a rip, scratch …

Wanted: Buyers for Investment Property

June 16, 2014 |

Here at Valuvillas we are looking for investors interested in buying up some cheap properties for sale in Javea we have on our books. These are properties belonging to distressed sellers, who are in a hurry to sell, and therefore willing to let the properties go for a lot less than the current market value.

We are also looking …

Wanted: Brides & Grooms

May 26, 2014 |

We are looking for couples who are planning on getting married between July 2014 and August 2015, who live in Southern England, and would like to have their wedding pictures taken at just 25% of our regular prices!

This is part of a training initiative, but you can be sure your wedding pictures will be as perfect as though …

Wanted: Investors

March 11, 2014 |

Fast fundraising company is a NZ supplier of scratch and help cards, an innovative idea that helps raise money for good cause in New Zealand and Australia.

Fast fundraising company seeks an investor for the expansion of an already profitable business located in New Zealand. We have exclusive distribution rights for our new product line in New Zealand, Australia, …

Wanted: Beauty Tourism

March 2, 2014 |

Sheridan France operates two well-established aesthetics clinics in central London that offer innovative facial rejuvenation and anti wrinkle treatments for women and men. All treatments are performed by Sheridan herself and done using only the most trusted and advanced anti ageing products available to clinics on the market today, and Sheridan’s techniques and experience provide clients with a relaxing …

Wanted: Arabian Furniture

March 2, 2014 |

When moving into a new home or renovating an old one, choosing new furniture is the most exciting part. From the relative easy option of considering where one will put new pieces to deciding whether they will go for a modern leather TV bed or a more classical  style, we try to help our clients as we have many …

Offering: Quality Bird Cages

March 2, 2014 |

At Mac’s Cage Fronts, we make and sell punch bar cage fronts and other items including those needed for breeding and showing – in fact just about anything that might be needed by a bird enthusiast. Our cage fronts and breeding cages are made to an extremely high standard and available in all sorts of sizes to accommodate all …

Wanted: Importers

March 2, 2014 |

We own a company based in the UK, and sell a wide range of luxurious modern, marble, gas and electric fireplaces to keep our clients warm during the cold UK winters.

We are currently looking for importers throughout the Arab Emirates. Although in Saudi Arabia you do not experience the same cold weather that we do here in the …

Wanted: Importers

March 2, 2014 |

Our company, Stoves 4 Life has been selling all sorts of stoves to homeowners in the UK for around five years now. In this time we have built a very solid business due to our outstanding customer service combine with quality stoves; among them woodburning stoves, cast-iron stoves and more recently biofuel stoves that have become very popular in …

Wanted: Property Investors

March 2, 2014 |

Homeowners in the UK know that if they are wanting to sell a house fast and do away with time-wasting, indecisive tire kickers and costly agents, they can come to Property Result, as we offer cash for homes in all major UK towns.

We currently have a number of luxury London homes on our books in much desired locations …

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